Lift Chairs: What We Offer

Lift Chairs: What We Offer

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty or pain when sitting or standing, a Lift Chair could be the best solution! Lift chairs look and feel like a recliner, and operate electronically by a push of a button. The main function of a Lift Chair is to provide gentle assistance to a standing position, although they are so much more than that! Lift chairs are the perfect solution for anyone who has challenges standing up safely from a seated position or for those with hip / knee pain or arthritis.

Types of Lift Chairs

We all have different tastes, styles and needs when it comes to purchasing items like paintings, couches, appliances and homes, the same goes for shopping for a lift chair! We are proud to offer many different types, styles and colors of lift chairs: two position, three position, infinite position, Trendelenburg, and zero gravity.

We offer a range of sizes from petite to heavy-duty. To know which size is best for you, make sure that your feet can rest easily on the floor while sitting upright with your back against the backrest.

Two Position Lift Chair

Two Position

Two-position lift chairs are designed with one motor which controls the back of the chair as well as the leg rest at the same time. If the back is reclining, the leg rest is lifting at the same time. A two-position lift chair is designed to allow you to sit comfortably at a slight recline while also assisting you when getting in and out of the recliner.

View our two position lift chair option here.

Three Position

Three-position lift chairs are engineered with one motor like the two-position lift chairs but can also recline to a 3rd position — about 45 degrees — ideal for napping.

View our three position lift chair options here.

Infinite Position

Unlike our two and three position lift chairs, these lift chairs have dual motors that can operate the footrest and backrest independently of one another, allowing you to create a wide number of positions, hence the name infinite position, in order to find the most comfortable position that’s most comfortable for you. This type of lift chair is popular among those who like to sleep in their recliner.

View our infinite position lift chair options here.


These lift chairs are types of lift chairs where the leg rest can be elevated higher than the head rest, about 15-30 degrees, otherwise known as the Trendelenburg position. This type of lift chairs is recommended for anyone with swelling in the legs to get better circulation throughout their body.

View our Trendelenburg lift chair options here.

Zero Gravity

Our Zero Gravity lift chairs offer a wide variety of positions, which makes comfortable use of the chair easy for anyone.  The large variety of positions these chairs can also have health benefits such as: back/neck relaxation, increased circulation, increased lung function and spine pressure relief.

View our zero gravity lift chair options here.

If you are in need of a lift chair and would like further assistance on which model would work best for you, give our Mobility Specialists a call  at 1-800-987-6308 and we’ll be happy to help!