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What is the AmeriGlide Distributor Program?

The opportunity we offer is unique in the accessibility industry! If you are ready to become the dominant accessibility player in your local area, the AmeriGlide Distributor program may well be your best path to success. Needless to say, the accessibility industry is positioned for unequaled growth over the next 20 years with addition of 80 million baby boomers to our market place. AmeriGlide is the recognized leader in Internet sales of accessibility equipment and over the next five years will become the industry leader for localized equipment sales.

The typical AmeriGlide Distributor is a company that desires to add a new profit center or expand the accessibility equipment side of their business. A host of competitors sell accessibility equipment, however the AmeriGlide Distributor Program provides a proven business plan to profitability. Here is what we provide that competitors cannot:


  • AmeriGlide Website: We will provide a customized website designed to provide the distributor dominant localized Internet positioning. For an example see -
  • Sales Support: A call center to take overflow sales calls and after hours calls developed by the distributors website. A distributor's web site is available online 24/7 and people actually do shop 24/7. We provide sales support for distributors with our highly trained call center agents 7:30 am - Midnight EST, seven days a week.
  • Exclusive Territory: Each AmeriGlide Distributorship includes a defined geographical territory which is exclusive to the distributor. AmeriGlide will not establish any other distributor in that territory. No other manufacturer provides such protection for their clients.
  • Expert training: AmeriGlide Distributors attend a one week training school at the AmeriGlide corporate office with an emphasis on product and sales knowledge.
  • Marketing Advice & Guidance: As an AmeriGlide Distributor you receive our expert advice on how to build a successful marketing plan for both your local brick and mortar operation and the Internet.
  • 100% Buy Back Guarantee: AmeriGlide provides a buy back guarantee for all equipment purchased under our Distributor Demonstration Program.
  • AmeriGlide Trademarks: As an AmeriGlide Distributor you are provided licensing rights to use AmeriGlide trademarks for marketing purposes in your territory. Distributors will be recognized as the official AmeriGlide representation in their territory and operate under license as AmeriGlide of (their territory). For example, see: or .

The AmeriGlide Distributor program is designed to provide the products, support, services, and expertise to enable distributors to become the dominant accessibility provider in their market area.


Here is what we require from an AmeriGlide Distributor:

  • Presentation Space: An AmeriGlide Distributor's success starts with the ability to provide equipment demonstrations. Distributors are required to have appropriate show room space to stock and display all AmeriGlide products. The minimum required space is 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Warehouse or Shop Space: AmeriGlide Distributors prepare equipment for installation and refurbish stair lifts for sale or rental. A minimum of 500 square feet is required for equipment and storage.
  • Commitment: AmeriGlide Distributors are required to be committed to success.
    • Distributors and corporate will agree upon a yearly sales quota commitment for a distributor's territory.
    • AmeriGlide provides an exclusive territory and a host of other tangible services to each distributor and in return requires distributor product exclusivity. If AmeriGlide offers a product or product line the distributor must represent the AmeriGlide product exclusively. For example, AmeriGlide offers multiple models of stair lifts. Distributors are required to sell and supply AmeriGlide stair lifts only. No other manufacturer's stair lifts may be represented or supplied.
    • The initial stocking demo order for new AmeriGlide Distributors will typically run $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the size of the territory. AmeriGlide is so confident in the success of our program that we offer a 100% buy back guarantee on demo equipment.
    • Distributors must employ at least one full time outside sales person.
    • An AmeriGlide Distributor is charged with maintaining the outstanding reputation of the AmeriGlide name for sales, support, and service.

Every day for the next 15 years 10,000 Americans will turn 65! The market for accessibility equipment is growing by leaps and bounds. If you would like to learn more about the AmeriGlide Distributor Program please give us a call today.