Dumbwaiters are essentially small cargo elevators designed to lift groceries, laundry, firewood, or other items from floor to floor in a multi-level home. Why install a dumbwaiter? The number one reason is safety. If you routinely carry heavy loads from floor to floor of your home or business, then you run a serious risk of injuring yourself or others. Dumbwaiters are convenient, time saving devices that will take the danger and hassle out of transporting heavy loads.  Installing a dumbwaiter can also add value to your home and increase your enjoyment and safety.

At AmeriGlide we offer two different models. Our Express and Express PLUS both are designed for easy residential installaiton while the Express Plus offers commerical level dumbwaiter solutions at industry low pricing. The PLUS model is our newest model and offers longer travel options and higher weight capacities. The original Express model has provide years of successful residential use and remains a contractor favorite while the new Express Plus unit has rapidly become an industry favorite in both the residential and commerical market.

Both units are great solutions for either residential dumbwaiter appications at industry leading price points. Please note, we are presently phasing out the Express model and will soon offer only the Plus. Let one of our elevator experts help you configure a dumbwaiter solutions for your application be it home or business. Give us a call or 7 days a week.