Local Durham Woman Gifted a Brand New Mobility Scooter

Local Durham Woman Gifted a Brand New Mobility Scooter

We have been working with a local nonprofit in Raleigh, North Carolina called the Victor Company, to find someone in the local community to donate a brand new mobility scooter to. On Friday, we gifted Delilah Weeks with one.

Delilah Weeks has been living with chronic pain for years, nerve damage tumors and is a breast cancer survivor. She currently lives with her sister and prior to receiving her brand new mobility scooter, accessibility was a challenge.

“To have this and to be able to say okay I think I’m gonna run to Walmart and I don’t have to wait to see if they have mobility scooter and if they do are they charged up and if theyre raggedy,” states Weeks.

She was having to use a walker, but now has the independence she’s been seeking with her new mobility scooter.

You can read the full news article here: https://abc11.com/health-new-scooter-durham-woman-nonprofit-firefighters-of-color/13006156/