Senior-Friendly Father’s Day Activities

Senior-Friendly Father’s Day Activities

Have an elderly parent or grandparent in your life that you want to celebrate this weekend? Below are 16 ideas to do to spoil the men in your life that will be suited for all ages and abilities. These activities are broken up into two categories: activities for the men who like the outdoors and activities for men who enjoy being at home.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re an older adult and have the ability to get around outside independently or with the assistance of equipment and a loved one, here are some activities to enjoy outdoors.

  • Play a round of golf (mini golf counts, too!)
  • Play an outdoor yard game like cornhole, bocce ball and horseshoes
  • Go for an outdoor picnic
  • Walk a local nature trail
  • Go to a live sports game
  • Visit a museum
  • Attend a car show
  • Get/Gift a massage
  • Hit the mall or local shopping center and people watch

Indoor Activities

If you’re someone who has an elderly parent who enjoys being inside, or has limited mobility, here are some indoor activities you can enjoy this weekend.

  • Watch a sports game on TV
  • Play a board game or card game
  • Plan a get together like a Fathers Day BBQ
  • Order takeout from a favorite restaurant
  • Watch a new movie or show someone younger a classic
  • Work on a puzzle
  • Read out loud favorite stories

Above are just a few ideas to help celebrate the men in your life. Happy Father’s Day!

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