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Vertical Platform Lifts: What Are They and What Are the Benefits?

Vertical Platform Lifts: What Are They and What Are the Benefits?

When stair lifts aren’t the best option, customers often turn to Vertical Platform Lifts. A Vertical Platform Lift (VPL), also known as a porch lift, a deck lift, or a wheelchair lift, is the most convenient and affordable way for those with a wheelchair, power chair, or scooter to access all levels of your home or business.

Our VPLs offer a safe and reliable solution for those who have raised decks, stairs leading to a porch or garage, or for general public access for people with reduced mobility, disabled users, and the elderly.

One of the most affordable accessibility solutions, our VPLs have a capacity of 750 lbs and a heavy duty option of 1000 lbs. It allows you to easily transport both you and your mobility scooter or power wheelchair to an elevated area of your home or business. There are 4 types of vertical platform lifts:

  • Unenclosed: this is the most common VPL. It has 42” high panel guards.
  • Enclosed or Hoistway: This type of VPL is mostly used in commercial settings. It’s the same as the unenclosed vertical platform lift but installed either in a polycarbonate enclosure, or in a wooden hoistway built by a contractor. The polycarbonate enclosure offers one of the most aesthetic finished products.
  • Portable: The standard portable unenclosed VPL is mounted on a larger base which has 4 adjustable rollers, therefore the platform can be easily moveable.
  • Inclined: The inclined platform lift gives access to straight stairways, for people in wheelchairs. This platform offers smoothness and softness while carrying you from one level to another allowing you to regain your autonomy. This unit fits in small staircases such as 34” residential ones.

The Benefits of Owning a Vertical Platform Lift

Aside from having peace of mind and the ability to regain your independence and mobility, our VPLs offer a handful of other benefits:

  • Smooth and Quiet: with its innovative direct acme screw mechanism, our VPLs offer the smoothest and quietest runs on the market.
  • Best Price Guaranteed: because we are a manufacturer, we are able to provide our customers with the best possible price on all VPLs! If you find a lower price, let us know and we’ll not only match their price, we’ll give you an additional 10% savings! We guarantee it!
  • Safety At All Times: AmeriGlide VPLs are equipped with many security features including a safety under pan, emergency lowering device, battery backup in case of power outage, and emergency platform alarm.
  • Weather Resistant: Our VPLs are built to face the harshest weather conditions. From the steel panel to the small components to the grease applied on the mechanism, this platform has been designed in order to keep its original condition years after the purchase.  
  • Easy to Install: VPLs are one of the easiest platform lifts to install. Since it comes fully assembled, it only takes a couple hours to set up. In addition to that, the installation manual and videos are provided to make it even easier! In the event that you do need any assistance with installing your VPL, you may contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • Customizations Available: because we are the manufacturer, we can offer many options and customizations. If you want to change the color or dimensions of your platform, or if you want to add polycarbonate walls and gates, you can do so.

Contact us today at 1-800-987-6308 to speak with one of our Mobility Specialists and see which vertical platform lift option is best for you.