The Best Exercises to Help Prevent Falls

The Best Exercises to Help Prevent Falls

There are plenty of reasons why as we get older our chances of falling increases. Falls could result in multiple factors such as side effects from certain medications, a sedentary lifestyle, vision problems, balance problems and the natural gradual muscle weakness that occur in the lower legs as we get older.

According to the CDC, about 1 in 4 seniors fall each year and about 1 in 5 falls result in a serious injury. So, what can you do to help prevent falling? You may want to start considering exercising.

Libby Bergman, a physical therapist from North Carolina says that “as we age and become more sedentary, we slowly lose our balance skills.” To combat a sedentary lifestyle, Bergman and other expert physical therapists suggest the following exercises:

Corner Stand

  • stand with your back in a corner of a room and put a sturdy chair in front of you.
  • make sure you are standing in between the wall and chair without touching either.
  • try and hold this move for one full minute, only using the wall or chair to correct your balance if needed.

Tandem Stance

  • position your feet to stand with one foot in front of the other (like you’re balancing on a balance beam)
  • only tap your surroundings if you need to re-adjust your balance if you need to
  • hold this exercise for 30 seconds and repeat it up to 3 times

Tandem Walking

  • position your feet to walk with one foot in front of the other (like you’re walking on a balance beam)
  • count how many steps you can get in before having to hold onto something for balance
  • try to increase the number of steps each time

Child’s Pose

  • get on all fours on the floor with your palms facing down
  • push your glutes to your heels
  • put your forehead to the floor and hold pose for 10 seconds
  • rise back up to all fours


  • sit in a sturdy chair that does not have wheels and keep your feet flat on the ground
  • Sit close to the edge of the chair to where your bottom is at the edge of the seat
  • push your weight through your legs and rise into a standing position
  • once standing, slowly sit back down
  • repeat 5 times

Standing Dual Heel Raises

  • stand next to a counter and place both hands on top of the counter
  • put your feet shoulder-width apart and stand on your tiptoes 
  • do 10 of these in a row

Step Ups

**this exercise requires a small step stool or a bottom stair of a staircase with a handrail**

  • start with both feet on the ground and your hand supported on a hand rail or counter
  • step up onto your right foot, then your left foot follows
  • step back down in the same order
  • do 10 of these on each side


**this exercise requires you to lay on your back**

  • lay on your back and bend both knees shoulder-width apart
  • brace your hands palm down and lift your hips toward the ceiling
  • squeeze glute muscles and pause at top

These exercises are known to help improve overall balance and strength. More information on these exercises and benefits can be found here.