Mobility Scooters: What We Offer

Mobility Scooters: What We Offer

Are you or someone you love having a problem walking or standing for long periods of time? If so, then a mobility scooter may be something to consider. AmeriGlide offers 4 different types of scooters: 3-wheeled, 4-wheeled, travel, light weight and heavy duty. When shopping for a scooter, how do you know which to choose?

Let’s talk about the differences each type of scooter we have offers, their features and other accessories that are available when investing in one.

Types of Scooters We Have

3-Wheel Scooters are a smaller, more compact type of scooter and are designed to be used indoors or on smooth surfaces.

4-Wheel Scooters have 4, larger wheels and can be used on rougher terrain.

Travel Scooters are similar to 3-wheel scooters, but they can fold up, making them easy to travel with and store when not in use.

Light Weight Scooters are designed with weight in mind. Using lightweight, modern materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, these types of scooters can handle carrying up to 300lbs when in use, yet weigh a considerable amount less.

Heavy Duty Scooters are strong enough to accommodate almost any user. They can hold up to 550lbs.


Features of a Mobility Scooter

Every mobility scooter we offer contain a tiller handle, a steering column, a seat, a motor, battery pack, a basket, anti-tip wheels, and chassis. Below are what each of these features do.

Tiller Handle
There are two types of tiller handles we offer: delta tiller handles and standard handles. Delta tiller are wrap-around handlebars. They minimize strain on your hands and wrists. The standard tiller handles are straight handlebars that may contain levers for moving forward and backwards.

Steering Column
Steering columns are used to turn the scooters left and right. They typically are adjustable for maximum comfort and control.

The seats come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the type of mobility scooter you are looking for. Most of our scooters’ seats are adjustable and also contain a swivel seat lever that allows the user to turn the seat to the left or right to assist with getting in and out of the seat.

This is where the power bank to the scooter lives. Its usually located on the back of the scooter.

Battery Pack
The batteries live here and help move the scooter. Charge parts are usually located next to the battery pack so you can charge your scooter when not in use.

These baskets are ideal to hold small storage items such as purses or a bag. Depending on the scooter, the basket can be easily removed.

Anti-Tip Wheels
These wheels are usually located on the back or sides of the scooter and are designed to help prevent tipping over.

The chassis is the body of the scooter. This is the bottom of the scooter where everything, including your feet, lay. In some instances, like if it’s a travel scooter, it can be removed for easy transport or to be customized.

Along with those basic features, we keep a variety of accessories to add on like extra batteries, covers, a variety of storage bags and holders for items like canes.

For more information on our scooters and all that we offer, click here.