How to Safely Get Up From a Fall

How to Safely Get Up From a Fall

Falls are a serious concern — especially for older adults. They can leave you feeling very sore or can even result in fractured or broken bones. Despite all the information about what precautions to take to avoid falls, they can still happen. Although falls are never 100% avoidable, there are ways you can safely get up once you’ve fallen.

*Please note: these tips are only for if you are not in any pain when moving your body after falling*

  1. Slowly roll onto your sides and push yourself up into a crawling position. Once you’re ready, crawl towards a sturdy piece of furniture like a coffee table or couch. If you cannot crawl, scoot on your butt or roll on your side instead.
  2. When you’re ready, place your hands on top of the furniture and using your stronger leg first, put your leg in a half-lunge position. Then, push up using your hands to stand. If you don’t feel comfortable getting into a standing position, you can always get into a seated position after falling and if there is a cushion or something soft nearby, use that to sit on and use that to try and hoist yourself up.
  3. When you’re safely seated off the ground, wait a few minutes before moving around to prevent another fall.

If you are in a position where you are unable to get up from a fall, please call for help. And if you’re a caregiver, be careful when trying to pick up someone from a fall. Serious injury can occur if not careful.

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