Benefits of Owning an AmeriGlide Outdoor Stair Lift

Benefits of Owning an AmeriGlide Outdoor Stair Lift

It’s not easy enjoying the outdoors if you’re someone who uses a wheelchair, a cane, or have issues using the stairs. Stair lifts are an ideal option to overcome this challenge. Installing an outdoor stair lift allows you to move up and down outdoor staircases easily, without worrying about the stairs. Built with the same safety features as our indoor stair lifts, our outdoor stair lifts are equipped with additional safety features that will prevent your stair lift from being damaged by the weather:

  • The waterproof protectant cover protects both the seat and carriage, ensuring that your lift is always clean and dry.
  • The included rubber foot mat provides extra traction to help prevent falls.
  • All electronic components and controls have been thoroughly insulated and protected so that your chair will continue to operate at an optimal level for many years to come.

Below are a few benefits of owning an AmeriGlide outdoor stair lift.

Improve Your Accessibility

Having an AmeriGlide outdoor stair lift gives you the freedom and independence to enjoy the outdoors of your home as much as the indoors. You will be able to access the stairs easily and safely in a seated position and ride up or down.

Keep Your Independence

Losing the ability to do things for yourself can be, and is, frustrating for a lot of people. Some have to rely on caregivers to help them move around. With an outdoor stair lift, you and your family can feel confident knowing that you can safely access your yard space, independently. 

Enjoy the Outdoors

If the stairs are the only thing stopping you from enjoying the outdoors, it may be time to take a look at installing an outdoor stair lift. Whether its maintaining your beautiful garden, or wanting to spend time with family and friends by the fire, an AmeriGlide outdoor stair lift gets you from point A to B in a safe, comfortable, and efficient way. You’ll never have to miss out on all the amazing memories again!


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