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Temporary and Permanent Solutions for Bathroom Accessibility


Temporary and Permanent Solutions for Bathroom Accessibility

The ability to use a bathroom safely can make the difference between feeling helpless maintaining your independence.  Even minor modifications can help those with mobility limitations to feel more confident and secure in their own homes.  Certain projects require permanent alterations, such as widening doorways or installing a walk-in bathtub, and can involve contractors and even structural changes to the room. Other modifications can be temporary and quickly completed by the average home handyman.  The key is to implement solutions that can restore someone's independence while helping to reduce the risk of dangerous slips and falls.

Common temporary changes include: removing or securing throw rugs that could pose tripping hazards and installing a raised toilet seat to make it easier to sit and stand.  Homeowners also find that installing grab bars can make a significant difference in bathroom safety.  If a permanently installed grab bar doesn't seem necessary, then a frame designed to surround the toilet can provide leverage for someone who needs something to hold onto to get up and down.

When it comes to navigating your bath tub there are a wide variety of options that offer different levels of assistance.  A simple shower chair can be easily taken in and out of the tub or shower and help eliminate the need to get down into a bathtub or remain standing while showering.  If you or your loved one requires more assistance than a shower chair can offer, you might consider investing in easy to install bath lift that includes a powerful lift mechanism.  Another easy fix is to install handheld shower head, which is ideal for someone who needs to sit in the shower, as it makes it easier to bathe and aim the water where it's needed. These types of removable and temporary helpers can reduce the risk of falls and make using the toilet and tub easier and less dangerous. 

Someone who is likely to need help over the long-term should consider making permanent bathroom modifications. There are several changes that can be made to make using the bathroom easier and safer.

A walk in tub is a permanent modification that requires a contractor to complete, but may be well worth it for the convenience of bathing independently without the need to get up and down. This type of tub allows the user to step in, usually only over about a 5" lip, and sit at about chair height while still enjoying an actual bath. This can reduce the risk of slips and falls dramatically, and allow the person to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy anytime, especially if the walk in tub has sauna jets models do.

If you want to hear more ideas for both temporary and permanent solutions that will help make your bathroom more accessible, call us today to speak with an expert! 

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