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Spiral Stair Lift Installation


In the past, spiral staircases have been extremely difficult to equip with stair lifts because of the precision required tomeasure and manufacture a track that can conform correctly to so many twists and turns.  While other companies offer the option of purchasing a stair lift for your spiral staircase, their models are often significantly more expensive than comparable straight stair lifts, which means that the majority of customers end up being priced out of being able to purchase a curved stair lift.

At AmeriGlide, our unique measuring and design system allows for us to manufacture curved stair lifts with custom fit tracks at prices that are significantly lower than our competitors.  Every stair lift will offer a smooth and reliable ride that will allow you to safely access all levels of your home.  

A curved stair lift is constructed by connecting a number (depending on the length of your stairs) of curved rail pieces that fit together. Our tracks can even be built to accommodate spiral staircases that also have a landing.  There simply isn’t any home design challenge that we can’t help you overcome.

When it comes to the installation process, the first step is to mount the leg bases that will keep the rails in place and your lift safe secured. Once you have the leg bases mounted to the stairs, you will then join the pieces of railing with spiral pins. This will create the shape of your stair lift.

After your railings are securely fit together, you will then fit the carriage onto the rails and through the skate rollers in the carriage. Connect the battery and install the chargers and the top and bottom of the stair lift. Once all of these steps are complete, you can then install the remote controls and seat. Your curved stair lift will be complete after programming and testing, and ready for use!

A spiral stair lift has never been this easy to order and install, so call AmeriGlide today to speak with one of our stair lift experts! 

This article does not serve as instructions for installing an AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift, but merely description of the process. You should not attempt to install this stair lift on your own or without an experienced stair lift installer.



Our Spiral Stair Lift Installation Options

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