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AmeriGlide launches AmeriGlide Canada


Raleigh, NC – August 9, 2011 - AmeriGlide, an online retailer of assistive technology for the disabled and elderly, including stair lifts and vehicle lifts, announced that they are now launching AmeriGlide Canada and will now be serving Canadian customers.

"We are very proud to be servicing customers now in Canada," Says Vice President of Sales Tim Ziehwein. "Every Canadian customer will now have access to our full catalog of products including stair lifts, lift chairs and mobility scooters."

AmeriGlide will be partnering with Bongo International and will be offering their entire catalog to Canadian customers. This means Canadian customers will have access to all of the same products that customers in the United States have had access to, including Ameriglide stair lifts, lift chairs, and mobility scooters.

"All of the AmeriGlide services that you have come to expect will be available come day one. We look forward to offering the same great products that we offer here in the United States to our brothers up north."

Customers seeking to inquire about AmeriGlide Canada's offering of mobility products are advised to call 1 (855) 505-7222.  

About AmeriGlide:

AmeriGlide is an online retailer of mobility lifts for the elderly and disabled. Their products include lift chairs, vehicle lifts, and vertical lifts. For more information, please visit their website at

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