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Platform Lifts: An Alternative to A Residential Elevator


Before you have an elevator installed, look into the costs of a vertical platform lift.

Vertical Platform lifts can provide a cost-effective alternative to home elevators.  Read on to learn more about the difference between these two mobility devices and get the information you need to make the right choice for your home and your physical needs.  


Elevator Or Platform Lift?

While an elevator does offer a convenient way to travel among the different levels of your home, purchasing an elevator and making the necessary home renovations to accommodate an elevator can be quite pricey.  A traditional elevator will require upwards of $10,000 in remodeling costs before money is even spent on the elevator or its installation. Expenses can quickly add up and easily total more than $20,000 total cost, may be beyond a lot of customers’ budgets.


In contrast, platform lifts are priced from $3,500 to $5,500 plus installation costs. If a platform lift will provide you will enough assistance, it is clearly the more affordable and cost-effective choice.


Platform lifts also require less energy output than elevators. Again, this saves the money in the long run and helps keep the lift within reach of the average consumers’ budget limitations.


Platform Lift 

Essentially, a vertical platform lift is a self-contained elevator. It has four sides but is open on top. It offers a powerful lift motor and safety features that allow either the rider or a helper to operate it. Available models come with weight capacities of up to 750 pounds, which can easily handle two passengers or a single passenger and their mobility scooter. The lift has an entry door on the beginning level and another door on the destination level.  When you are ready to exit, the door will release and allow you to safely transfer from the lift.


While elevators require owners to pay for yearly inspections and repairs, vertical platform lifts involve little maintenance once they have been installed.  Quality engineering and a variety of safety features will ensure that your vertical platform lift is always fully operational.


Weather Resistant

With the installation of a weather resistant model, the platform lift can help a person to their front door even in inclement weather.  Most outdoor platform lifts come with specially designed covers that prevent moisture entry from damaging internal components, ensuring that these lifts will last as long as their indoor counterparts, provided they are properly maintained.



One concern often voiced by prospective lift customers is that a platform lift will take up too much space. However, both elevators and ramps can leave a significant footprint in your home.  For instance, ramps require a lot of square footage when installed at an appropriate grade, and for heights greater than 24 inches, a platform lift actually takes up much less space.


Platform lifts can travel height of up to eight feet without requiring any major home modifications.  This makes vertical platform lifts a versatile and affordable option that can provide the same level of mobility and accessibility as an elevator.

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