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L-Shaped 90-Degree Stair Lift Installation

L Shaped 90-degree stair lift
An AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift can be customized to fit virtually any staircase, including the popular L-shaped design. Homes with stairs that have a 90-degree turn are among the most popular types of staircases in the world, so we have worked hard to make sure that manufacturing and installing the “L” shaped stair lift rail is the simplest of tasks for us. 
After taking some simple measurements of your staircase, we can easily customize a stair lift rail that will fit snug with your wall. The stair lift is actually mounted onto your stairs and not the wall, which makes the installation much less invasive to your home.
A 90-degree stair lift is installed as if there are two straight stair lifts with a connecting curved piece in the middle; where most L-shaped stairs would have a landing or a few triangular steps. Leg bases are set and mounted to the stairs to provide stability and maintain the correct height off of the stairs. After the leg bases are mounted, you must connect the rail pieces. The connecting pieces are attached by 40mm spiral pins, which are pushed through pre-drilled holes in the rail joints. The number of rail pieces differs for every staircase and is what makes the curved stair lift unique to your home.
Once the stair lift rails are in place and secure, it is time to fit the chair carriage to the rails. The carriage should fit nicely onto the rails by threading the loading bars through the skate rollers, ensuring that the male joint is pointed in the correct direction. 
After the carriage is secure, the batteries will need to be connected and the charging mechanisms installed. Once the chair is installed onto the carriage and proper testing/programming has been administered, you will be able to install the remote controls and your lift will be ready for use!
In the past, customers needing a stair lift for their 90-degree staircase would have purchase two straight stair lifts. The user would transfer from one chair to the next stair lift chair on the landing. This process is difficult and very inconvenient for most people, which is exactly why we offer the AmeriGlide Platinum!
This article does not serve as instructions for installing an AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift, but merely description of the process. You should not attempt to install this stair lift on your own or without an experienced stair lift installer.

Our L-Shaped 90-Degree Stair Lift Installation Options

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