Incline Platform Lifts


AmeriGlide is proud to offer a full line of incline platform lifts suitable for your home or commercial building. Incline Platform Lifts allow wheelchair users to travel safely up and down the stairs, while still seated in a wheelchair. All of our Incline Platform Lifts come with an array of safety features. Whether you need a lift for a straight run of stairs in your home or a 100+ foot staircase with curves and landings in your commercial building, one of our Incline Platform Lift solutions will work for you. Give us a call to speak with an Incline Platform Lift specialist today!

  • $9,999.00
    Plus Shipping
    Reg. $13,949.00
    • Drive Type:
      Rack and worm gear / 24 VDC
    • Battery Powered:
    • Standard Capacity:
      500 lb
    • Basic Installation Included:
    Designed to carry manual wheelchairs, this lift is perfect for users who need to travel upstairs with their wheelchair.