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Importance of Relaxation


Most people associate good health with diet and exercise and leave out another important component of overall well-being: relaxation.  No matter how you choose to relax, it is an integral part of fighting the consequences of stress and ensuring longevity and quality of life.

Because seniors are already more susceptible to health problems, relaxation becomes an especially vital part of improving and maintaining their health.  For aging adults, relaxation can help alleviate the risk factors that lead to heart attacks and strokes.  Stress is a main contributing factor to high blood pressure and has been directly linked to 10 percent of all strokes.   Just by reducing stress and taking time to relax, you can substantially reduce your of experiencing catastrophic health problems.

Relaxation is also a powerful tool in fighting more common ailments like colds and flus.  Stress can increase inflammation in the body and reduce immunity, making your body more vulnerable to germs and bacteria.  While most people view colds as an inconvenience, with seniors, the can quickly escalate and turn deadly.  It is quite common for seemingly benign chest colds to turn into pneumonia in older adults.  However, seniors can lower their risk for such diseases and boost their immune system by engaging in relaxing activities.  

Seniors are also often concerned with fighting off memory loss and the signs of dementia.  Studies have shown that stress attacks the part of the brain used for analysis and abstract thought, which can make it harder to solve problems and remember important dates.  In addition, stress actually kills brain cells and blocks new cells from forming, thus inhibiting the ability to learn new information.  Foggy thinking can also negatively affect the decision making process.  Relaxation, then, becomes important for mental clarity and the ability to make sound decisions.

Finally, relaxation can help fight the symptoms of depression, which are all too common among seniors.  Aging can present a lot of new major life changes and are difficult to deal with and often lead to an increase the body’s production of the stress hormone, cortisol, and a decrease in positive hormones, like serotonin and dopamine.  If these hormones are out of balance for a long period of time, it can cause depression.  Luckily, relaxation can help your body naturally balance its hormone levels and fight depression. 

How a Lift Chair Can Help

For seniors who may have limited mobility, a lift chair recliner is the perfect way to relax and fight off the consequences of stress.  Lift chairs are designed to ease pressure on tired or arthritic joints and allow you to pick the perfect recline position.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about getting out of your chair.  The lift mechanism will make sure that you are safely lifted to a standing position without any further assistance.  A lift chair is more than just a convenient mobility device, it can be an important tool to help you relax, which can ultimately prevent a host of other physical and mental maladies. 


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