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How Can A Vertical Platform Lift Help Your Business?


Vertical platform lifts have many uses in businesses of all kinds!Vertical platform lifts Vertical platform lifts are useful in a variety of commercial environments.  Here are just a few examples of how different businesses use platform lifts to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace.


Big box home improvement stores often carry so much merchandise that they have to store inventory using tall, overhead shelving.  With the help of a vertical platform lift, employees can reach and load cumbersome boxes onto the lift before bringing them down and safely delivering them to customers.    


Law offices that have to organize and store boxes full of files, evidence, and important information pertaining to cases also benefit from easy to operate lifts.  Expanding storage space and accessing large amounts of paperwork can be simplified with the help of a vertical platform lift.  No one will have to struggle to reach the top shelf or risk throwing out their back.      


Production companies find vertical platform lifts are an extremely useful tool that allows designers to safely assemble elaborate sets.  Imagine being able to hang scenery and lights without having to constantly climb up and down a ladder.  A portable lift is especially useful if you have a team below to move the lift as each section is completed.  On a platform lift, you can take a whole string of lights or a complete panel of fabric in one run.


How about hotels and other buildings with high ceilings that have difficult to access lighting that may require cleaning and maintenance? Using a platform lift makes changing a light bulb or completing simple repairs quick and safe.  When one fixture has been successful services, just roll your lift over to the next task and get to work. You can even transfer your portable lift among different floors by rolling it onto the elevator and taking it wherever you need to go.  


In 1991, the Americans with Disabilities Act mandated that all new buildings have access ramps and elevators installed whenever there was more than one floor to a building. With some older buildings, structural issues made it too difficult and expensive to modify the building.  The solution: a movable (or permanently installed) vertical platform lift that will transport anyone with mobility challenges among different floors.  Call us today to get the tools you need to help your business operate more efficiently and comply with National ADA standards.


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