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The Consequences of Stress


The Consequences of Stress

It's a very lucky person who never experiences any kind of stress in their lives; but in this day and age, does a truly stress-free person even exist? Between dealing with the daily stressors of work and paying the bills and experiencing major life events, modern life can be hectic.  While we may not be able to avoid or prevent stress, we can take measures to reduce the consequences of stress.

Each individual will handle stress differently, but studies have shown that everyone benefits from having a strong support system.  Being able to open up to family and friends and express your stress and anxiety can do a long way to eliminating the harmful effects of stress.  Those you tend to bottle up their feelings tend to have a harder time bouncing back from major setbacks and traumatic experiences like the loss of a loved one.

If left unchecked, the emotional symptoms of stress - including feelings of anger, irritation, depression and sadness - can often have a negative impact on your everyday life, and manifest as physical symptoms that affect your health in the longer term. What might start off as a very small thing can quickly escalate into a much bigger problem if you practice avoidance.  If you find yourself suffering from the inability to sleep properly, tension headaches and muscular pain or stiffness, particularly in the shoulders and the back, it can be a very good sign that you need to find a way to relax!

While it might not solve the underlying problem, a simple way to calm a worrying, overactive mind, relax is to take a warm bath, or even rest for a while in a hydrotherapy walk in tub. Warm water soothes the muscles, where many of us tend to carry stress, removing the physical feelings of stress and helping you to relax. In addition, pulsing jets of water, or the calm, swirling motion produced by pumps in the hydrotherapy walk in tub, can help you unwind, get to sleep easier, and wake up feeling refreshed and more prepared to handle whatever the day has in store.  

If you are starting to notice that stress is affecting your physical, as well as, your mental health, it might be time to consider investing in a hydrotherapy tub to help reduce stress and improve wellness. 

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