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Comparing Bathtub Mobility Solutions


Simple and affordable mobility devices can transform your bathroom and allow you to age in place, but the question is: which mobility device will best fit your physical and financial needs?

Walk-In Tubs

For those who have relatively minor mobility issues, or simply want to increase safety in their bathroom, a walk-in tub might be the right choice. Walk-in tubs come in a variety of sizes and feature a built-in seat so that you can enjoy a relaxing soak without having to struggle to lower or raise yourself from a supine position.  Simply open the tub door, walk in and have a seat, fill up the tub, and enjoy a therapeutic bath.  The swinging door ensures that you don’t have to step over any difficult to navigate tub ledges and offers a waterproof seal that will not leak.

Walk-in tubs are fairly affordable solutions that start out at just under $2,000.  This price point could increase though depending on installation requirements, which may put this option out of the price range of some customers.

One potential disadvantage of a walk-in tub is that the bather has to be in the tub while the water fills and drains.  While each process will only take a few minutes, it might be just enough time for the user to become uncomfortably cold.

Bath Lifts

If you cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars to install a walk-in tub, but you still want to regain your independence and get back to enjoying your bathtub, consider the advantages of a bath lift.  This alternative allows you to be safely lowered into and raised out of your tub with the push of a button.  Installing a bath lift is a quick and easy process that will not require any modifications to your bathroom.  You can start using your bath lift almost as soon as it arrives at your home.   The average price range of a bath lift is $600-$1,000, which makes it the most reasonably priced option to increase accessibility in your bathroom.  A bath lift might also be the best choice for seniors who face greater mobility challenges and want the extra safety and security of a lift.

Walk/Roll-In Conversion Kits

A walk or roll in conversion kit represents a middle of the road price option that is best suited for people who are confined to a wheelchair and need extra mobility assistance.  Installing a conversion kit, as opposed to a new walk-in tub, will save you money and provide tub access to those who need their wheelchair or shower chair.  A conversion kit is also relatively easy to install and will be ready to use just 24 hours after installation.  This option is slightly more expensive than a bath lift, yet provides a permanent solution that will continue to be useful as your mobility needs change.  It also allows you to avoid any costly modifications that may be necessary with a walk-in tub installation.

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Our Comparing Bathtub Mobility Solutions Options

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