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Van Conversions

Van Conversions
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Wheelchair Vans Customized To Your Needs

Best Minivan & Small Van Custom Wheelchair Ramp Solutions

AmeriGlide customizes every conversion van to fit your vision and specific needs. Every wheelchair ramp solution, whether it's for a minivan or small van or full-size van - are all done at prices lower than any other manufacturer in the field. As a result, you end up with a customized conversion van that reflects everything you want, at far less than you expected to pay.
Van Conversions Widest,Manual Spring Assisted Ramps

Widest, Manual Spring Assisted Ramps

A durable, lightweight, widest-in-the-business spring assisted ramp never fails or leaves you hanging (literally). There are no burnt motors to replace or repair, and you save a bundle when you buy.

Van Conversions Back Hatch Entry-Exit

Back Hatch Entry-Exit

Rear entry access is the easiest way in and out for all concerned, which is why it is a standard feature on all our minivan conversions.

Van Conversions Different Cuts for Different Needs

Different Cuts for Different Needs

We offer wheelchair vans in both short cuts/taxi cuts (for one wheelchair) and long cuts (for two wheelchairs).


Dodge/Chrysler Wheelchair Conversion

All the Chrylser Conversion explained
All the Chrysler Conversion inside
All the Chrysler Conversion inside

All Our Dodge/Chrysler Minivans Offer:

  • Accommodates up to seven passengers
  • 3 year, 36,000 mile conversion warranty
  • Unique ramp securement system for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • Q-straint retractable tie-downs included
  • Commercial grade flooring & ramp for ease of entry and traction
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE: Vehicle reinforcement with welded steel cap bumpers
  • Custom undercarriage reinforcement system and reinforced rear-bumper assembly
  • All parts are powder coated for superior corrosion protection
  • New firewall and quiet exhaust system
  • Lightweight aluminum ramp, with cut outs for mud and snow
  • 58" height exceeding ADA requirement of 56"

Toyota Wheelchair Conversion

All Our Toyota Minivans Offer:

  • 86.5" long inside tub to ramp (not including bumper)
  • 38.5" wide at ramp entry way
  • 36" ramp width (widest in industry)
  • 58" height from entry to top of vehicle (same as FR Taxi Cut)
Van Conversions Toyota

Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Conversion

Van Conversions Chrysler Pacifica

Our Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Conversion Vans

  • Can accommodate up to six passengers
  • Includes oval "L" track floor pockets and Q'straint securement system
  • Manual, sprint-assisted ramp featuring a texturized, powder coated surface
  • Full-cut inside tub for wheelchair offers largest usable space (37.75") on a Pacifica chassis