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U-Shaped 180-Degree Stair Lift Installation



L Shaped 90-degree stair lift If your home is one of many that has a U-shaped staircase and you’re in need of a stair lift, the AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift is the perfect stairlift for your home. The U-shaped staircase is also referred to as a 180-degree staircase and is actually quite easy to eqiup with an AmeriGlide stair lift.

The installation of a 180-degree stair lift is very similar to the 90-degree, but involves a few extra pieces of railing in order to make the entire U-shaped turn. Once we have taken the simple measurements needed to customize your stair lift, the stair lift will fit in perfectly with your stairs and be positioned as close to the wall as possible. 

A U-shaped stair lift will incorporate two straight rail pieces connected by at least two curved rail pieces. The amount of straight and curved rail pieces is completely dependent on the size of your staircase, if there are landings, and which side the chair will be on. Rail pieces are seamlessly joined together by spiral pins after the leg bases are mounted to the stairs. Leg bases provide the height and stability needed to keep your stair lift safe. 

After the leg bases and rails are in place, you have the complete shape of your curved stair lift. The carriage will need to be to be fitted onto the rails and through the skate rollers. Once the battery is connected and chargers are installed, you’re ready to secure the chair to the stair lift. 

Proper testing and programming is required before use, and then you’re ready to use your new Platinum Stairlift! A curved stair lift is much easier and more convenient than installing two straight stair lifts, like many of our customers have done in the past.

This article does not serve as instructions for installing an AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift, but merely description of the process. You should not attempt to install this stair lift on your own or without an experienced stair lift installer.



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