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Stair Lifts & VPLs: Which is the Right Choice?


Stair Lifts & VPLs: Which is the Right Choice for You?

Choosing the right mobility device to help you conquer obstacles, prevent falls, and enjoy all areas of you home depends on a few main concerns such as location, mobility needs, and financial concerns.
A stair lift essentially involves a portable seat that is attached to a rail system that can travel up and down the staircase in your home.  It is perfect for people who still have some mobility and aren’t confined to a wheelchair or scooter.  You can simply have a seat on your stair lift and enjoy a gentle ride up or down your stairs before safely dismounting.  Not only will a stair lift help avoid falls, it will also allow greater access to the various levels of your home and prevent you from being confined to the first floor.   
A vertical platform lift (VPL) is often a more expensive option, but it might be the right choice if you need an outdoor lift and/or if you need to travel with your scooter or wheelchair.  You can install an indoor residential or commercial lift or add an outdoor lift to areas like your porch steps to help you safely enter your home.  VPLs provide a safe and sturdy platform capable of transporting you while you sit comfortably in your mobility chair or scooter.   VPLs are strong, convenient, and versatile mobility devices.  All you have to do is roll onto the platform, push a button, and enjoy a gentle ride to your destination.  They are capable of reaching a variety of heights and also come in a portable version if you need to access several difficult to reach areas in and around your home.  A VPL is just another affordable option that can be easily installed in your home to prevent falls and needless injuries.
Before you settle on a mobility device, make sure that you consider where you will be placing it, whether or not you need to also transport a scooter or wheelchair with the user, and which device will best accommodate the existing space.  If you are still having trouble deciding, feel free to contact one of our AmeriGlide experts for more assistance.
 Vertical Platform LiftStair Lift
Indoor/Outdoor Usecheckcheck
Confined to a Wheelchair or Scootercheck 
Customizable to Fit Difficult Spaces check
Prices Starting at $1,300 check
Prices Starting at $3,440check 

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