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Stair Lift Options


Electric Powered Stair Lifts

For the vast majority of people interested in purchasing a stair lift, an electric powered stair lift is the clear choice.  They are easy to install, operate and maintain.  Once your lift is installed, all you have to do is plug it in to enjoy a constant flow of full power.  The power cable safely loops and stretches out inside the track as you go up and down your stairs.  You don’t have to worry about it becoming exposed, tangled, or damaged.  In addition, the electrical mechanisms in electric powered models are comprised of heavy duty components that are designed to be durable and eliminate the need for service calls.  Best of all, you never have to charge or replace a battery.  All the power you need will come directly from your home outlet.
Battery Powered Stair Lifts
For anyone who is worried about losing the use of their stair lift due to frequent power outages in their home, a battery powered stair lift can provide you with an extra sense of security.  A battery will allow you to safely continue to use your chair even in the absence of electricity in your home.  This option comes with some drawbacks though.  Perhaps most obviously, a battery can run out and will need to be replaced periodically.  This will involve some dismantling of the chair as well as wire disconnecting and reconnecting, which may prove daunting to the average homeowner.  
In addition, a battery powered stair lift will require other accessories in order to operate properly.  First and foremost, you will need a voltage converter that will turn the 110-volt current that runs through your home’s outlet into a 12-volt current that can be used to recharge the lift’s battery.  This creates another connection that can potentially go bad and result in a partially charged battery.  Ultimately, the prospect of reoccurring repairs and maintenance issues make an electric chair a less ideal option, except in cases where customers are concerned with power outages.
Curved Stair Lifts
Most stair lifts are designed to fit standard staircases that simply involve a straightaway with one landing, yet that solution simply won’t fit the needs of some customers.  If your staircase includes a 90-degree turn, multiple landings, or even a spiral staircase, don’t worry.  You can purchase a curved stair lift that can be custom fit to handle any design challenges that your home might present.  
Heavy Duty Stair Lifts
A final option to consider is whether a heavy duty stair lift might be the right fit for you.  Heavy duty stair lifts are designed to be able to safely transport heavy loads.  They come in models with weight capacities that range from 375-500 pounds and feature wider seats for a more comfortable ride.  Luckily, you can find all of the previously mentioned options in a heavy duty version.  For example, there are affordable and reliable heavy duty, battery powered stair lifts that can be customized to fit a curved staircase, on the market today.  All you have to do is decide which features will best fit your home and your mobility needs.  

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