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Selecting the Correct Vertical Lift


Selecting The Correct Vertical Platform Lift (VPL)

The first step is determining if you need a vertical lift for a residential or commercial application. Residential applications are defined as single family dwellings. A duplex or condo will often fall within this definition as long as the lift does not serve two or more families. The significance of this decision relates to the applicable codes. Below is a guideline for general consideration. As stated previously, codes in your area may have additions or amendments not noted in the basic ASME A18.1 regulations.

Vertical Lift Heights and Tower Sizes

AmeriGlide Hercules II Vertical Lifts
Model NumberMaximum Lift HeightTower Height
Residential VPL Requirements
(heights up to 149”)
  • Top Landing Gate
  • Safety Pan
  • Fascia Panel
  • Folding Ramp
  • Call-Send Controls
  • Emergency Stop Switch
Commercial VPL Requirements
(heights over 60”)
  • Top Landing Gate
  • Bottom landing full height door
  • Full enclosure of hoistway
  • Fascia Panel
  • Call-Send Controls
  • Emergency Stop Switch and Alarm
Pit MountedFloor Mounted

Our Selecting the Correct Vertical Lift Options

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