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Carol Hemphill


Carol Hemphill

Carol Hemphill

When it came to finances, Carol Hemphill says, "I always had a little trouble. But you know what? I was always okay, and I never really thought about money per se. I know it's just a vehicle."

It may be "just a vehicle," but it's one she has used to significantly improve her quality of life. As Carol puts it, "It's always good to let what you own work for you, rather than you working for it. If you have something you can use to have a better life, you might as well."

She adds, "I feel that as one grows, instead of growing into old age, you should grow into a newness of yourself." Which is why she decided to buy a computer, turn one bedroom into a home office, and expand her professional horizons.

She began to think that a reverse mortgage could help her do just that. And even though friends and advisors—who admitted they didn't know much about them—said she'd lose her home, Carol knew better.

"Actually, I find that reverse mortgages simply enable people to lead a less stress-filled life, and do something new," she says. "But the bank is not taking the house away from the person who owns the home; not at all."

This was confirmed by her MetLife Bank Reverse Mortgage Consultant. "I could feel the confidence the moment I spoke with her," Carol says. "She knew exactly what she was doing and I knew she would guide me completely, and she did."

Carol feels that her reverse mortgage "gives me some investment money, so I might do something more with my life than just hang around and worry and get old. It can do something for people who want to renew their life from a place of worry into a place of more freedom."

When you think about it, who doesn't want that?

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