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AmeriGlide Announces Stair Lift Rental Program


Raleigh, NC - June 7th, 2012 - AmeriGlide, a manufacturer and online retailer of stair lifts and other mobility aids, announced today that it will begin offering its stair lifts for rent.

"For some people, mobility limitations aren't permanent," explained AmeriGlide Vice President of Sales Tim Ziehwein. "Oftentimes we talk to customers who are undergoing surgery or progressing well in physical therapy programs but still need a helping hand to get up and down the stairs until they fully recover. For a customer like that, purchasing a stair lift isn't a cost-effective option. Being able to rent a stair lift just makes more sense."

AmeriGlide's stair lift rental program charges customers a $250 installation fee, plus a monthly rental fee ranging from $125 to $160, depending on the type of lift to be rented. Uninstalling the lift also incurs a $250 fee. For additional details on the stair lift rental program, please visit

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