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AmeriGlide announces their new AmeriGlide Rubex Stair Lift!


Raleigh, NC - January 23rd, 2012 - AmeriGlide, an online retailer of stair lifts for the disabled and elderly, is excited to announce their newest stair lift: the AmeriGlide Rubex.

“2012 is going to be the year of the stair lift,” says Tim Ziehwein. “We were happy to announce the Vesta at the beginning of the month and we are even more excited to announce the debut of the Rubex.”

The Rubex will replace AmeriGlide’s Deluxe AC/DC line and will also serve as a new entry point for AmeriGlide stair lift customers.

“Customers are going to be excited when they hear about the new Rubex. It’s an excellent choice for the first-time stair lift owner or budget shopper who just wants a basic, no frills mobility aid for their home.”

The AmeriGlide Rubex is available immediately in both AC and DC units. Pricing will start at $1,749.

About AmeriGlide:

AmeriGlide is an online retailer of mobility lifts for the disabled and elderly. Their product listing includes stair lifts, lift chairs, mobility scooters, and much more. For more information please visit

Our AmeriGlide announces their new AmeriGlide Rubex Stair Lift! Options

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