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Porch Lifts


Porch Lifts are an ideal solution for those who either don't have the room for a wheelchair ramp, or simply don't like the look of a large modular ramp leading up to the front or back door. A porch lift is actually a vertical platform lift that is usually installed under or beside the porch, allowing easy access for wheelchair, scooter, or powerchair users. Heights can vary greatly for a wheelchair porch lift, but the concept remains the same. 

We understand this may seem like a difficult item to order online however as the unquestionable leader in porch lift sales in the USA we can walk you every step of the way towards a logical, relatively inexpensive solution to home access. Porch lift solutions are far superior to using a ramp system. Similar in cost, but safer, easier, access for the user and one doesn't end up with some 60' ramp system in their yard. ADA requires one foot of ramp for every one inch of rise so to access a 60" high porch would take 60' of ramp. Solution, a porch lift.

As the industry leader we keep standard 64", two stop, 36x54 platform size residential porch lifts in stock for next day shipment from our Raleigh, NC warehouse. Pleae note, you may add an upper landing gate, keyed call stations, a platform gate, and interlocks to this quick ship product but no other options. If you have other needs or configurations the lift will need to be built and shipped from the factory.

Feel free to order online or call us at the number above to talk with a residential porch lift expert. They can create a Quote for your review that you then can use to order online at a later date. See how easy it can be to make your home more accessible with an AmeriGlide Wheelchair Porch Lift.

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