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Side Loading Hybrid Platform Lift

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Our Side Loading Hybrid Platform Lift is a very unique scooter / electric wheelchair lift. It installs on second row seating hardware (without drilling). This means that the power wheelchair or scooter can be delivered near the passenger or driver's door making it more convenient to move from mobility device to vehicle and then back.


The Side Loading Hybrid Platform Lift is an inside lift, but operates with the convenience that an outside lift's platform offers. When in operation, a platform extends out on rails from inside your vehicle until it clears the side of your vehicle. From there, the platform lowers to the ground. Simply drive your power chair or scooter onto the platform, attach the straps, and press a button. The power wheelchair or scooter automatically lifts and is stored securely, inside your vehicle. Your scooter or electric wheelchair is lifted and lowered using the remote hand control and there are no modifications required.

Product Specifications
Lifting Capacity275 lb
Power SourceVehicle Battery
Boom Arm RotationN/A
Minimum Opening32"
Boom Arm ExtensionN/A
Height AdjustableNo
Adjustable Base LegsNo
ControlsWired Remote
Depth Required58.5"

Options Available for the Side Loading Hybrid Platform Lift

  • Options
    • Battery Pack   $348.60

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    • Wireless Remote   $346.00

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  • Adapters
    • Folding Seat Adapter   $246.60

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    • Vehicle Make   $0.00

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    • Vehicle Model   $0.00

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    • Transferable Limited 3 Year Warranty   $0.00

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    • Nationwide Installation   $715.00

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Customer Reviews
2 reviews 
Certified Customer
Not Real Impressed
Nov 25, 2009 5:16 AM

A Little About Myself

Disabled, Elderly, and Average Health.




Bulky, Flimsy

Service & Delivery

Delivery was prompt and it was in good condition, but it comes in a HUGE box on a pallet, and luckily I was there when it came and was able to talk the delivery man into loading it directly into my van so I could then bring it to the installer. Otherwise, I never would have been able to get it installed. I would have had to pay a lot extra to have them come to my house to install it.
I have a later model full size conversion van which has doors that only open 90 degrees from van. I wanted it so I could get my power chair in/out of van without assistance. First, they only provided a power cord long enough to reach the edge of the door, and with it coming out of the van 4 feet, I had no prayer of doing it alone. They wanted $65 for 4 feet of cord to improve it, so I had someone do it with their own cord, which only cost $25 (I was lucky). Then, the switch that makes it change directions from up to in stopped working, and there you are with your tongue literally sticking out. Finally got it fixed, which involved bolting the switch in place, but that fix only lasted 3 times before it stopped working again!! However, that taught us where the manual trigger is, so now we have to reach in the 4 feet to manually touch the trigger to make it go in. That is a huge struggle for me to do it myself, since it is on the opposite side as the power cord and I have to reach in 4 feet squeezing between the van door and the platform, but I can barely reach it. Not worth having to pay labor to bolt it back in place ever 3 uses, but definitely NOT impressed with the product.
AmeriGlide replies:
Thanks for your input. This lift is designed for vans with sliding doors not for standard hinge doors. This may be the reason you have had so many problems with your installation.
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Certified Customer
"I Don't Do Titles"
Nov 18, 2009 6:24 AM

A Little About Myself

Mechanical and Electrical, I Fix Broken Stuff, Athletic, I Modify Design Flaws, Average Health, Son of Disabled


Fits Van, Customer Service Rocks, Only option, Tech Support Rocks


No Battery Backup, Remote Cable Too Short, Slow Operation, Poor WIre Loom Design, X and Y Limits Tabs, No Useful Overide, Flimsy
This product is great in concept but lacking in design/installation. Maris had the lift installed by Active Mobility in Scottsdale, Arizona. I believe they are an authorized installer. I have fixed the lift 4 times since installation. I do not know how much of the problems were design flaws and how much were installation error/incompetence. The problems I have had are as follows in Problem-Cause-Solution: 1: Remote Stopped Working - Controller Wire Connections Came Apart - Cut and Reconnect Wiring Using Snap Tight Crimp Connectors. 2: Wires Fell Into Lift Path - Spring Steel in Wire Loom Broke at Pinch Point - Replace with Piece of Heavy "Wire Snake" Cable and Wrap Entire Loom With Heavy Cloth Tape. 3: Lift Stops Working Altogether Out of the Vehicle - Lift Flexed and Allowed Tray to Overshoot Limit Micro Switch - Hot Jump Vertical and Horizontal Motor to 12VDC DryCell Battery to Get it Back into the Van, Tighten All Bolts on the Lift and Adjust Limits of Operation. 4: NO Battery NO Lift. No current solution. Considering Using a Trickle Charger and Building a Battery Pack Using Two of the 12VDC 12AH Batteries Similar to Scooter Battery Packs. Batteries Will Charge Trickle Charger Run From Vehicle Alternator Power. Install Bypass Switch to Jump Over Car Battery Power to Battery Pack Power When Necessary. Another option I considered was using the power from the scooter battery pack itself by building a "Jumper Cable" to go from the Scooter Batter Pack Output to a Quick Detatch Cable connection of the lift. Note: "Every thing I have done to the lift has been discussed with done with the manufacturers permission and sometimes suggestion."
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