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Stock #: 20-8885
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ColorSatin Steel Metallic / Black Cloth
ModelSilverado 1500
Body StyleLT
Engine2.7L Turbo
Conversion SideYou Choose
Stock #20-8885
Model Year2020

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AmeriGlide is proud to be the largest distributor for ATC - Innovative Mobility converted vehicles in the country.
  • ATC - Innovative Mobility
  • Lifestyle - practical, affordable and sexy
  • Value - cost less to own than minivans
  • Fast - 25 second load and unload time!
  • Gull-wing door offers cover in inclement weather
  • Extremely durable - built to outlast the vehicle
  • Reliable - equipped with manual backup
  • Quiet Interior - OEM quality ride
  • Best ground clearance on the market
  • Best warranty in the industry - 3-Year / 36,000 Miles

ATC Ambassador Stories

ATC customers (ambassadors) are proud of their vehicles and for good reason. ATC vehicles offer them freedom in a stylish and innovative way. Below are a few stories from ATC customers who have share what it's meant to them.
ATC Ambassador - Jose

Jose Hernandez

Laredo, Texas

"I am currently studying at Texas A&M International University to be a computer engineer. Some of my hobbies are hanging out with friends, going to the movies, out to eat, and to the mall. I also enjoy spending time with my family. All of this made possible with my ATC truck. I chose ATC because of the advanced machines that are put into their vehicles."

How does your ATC vehicle improve everyday life? "My vehicle improves my everyday life by making it easier to go anywhere from city streets to off-road, making it more than just a vehicle; it's independence."

What are your favorite features of the conversion? "My favorite features of the conversion are that it's a truck not a van, and the way the conversion is done seamlessly where the truck looks OEM, and can't forget about the gull-wing."

ATC Ambassador - Cindy

Cindy Hotalen

Sparta, Tennessee

"My name is Cindy Lou Hotalen and I am 35 years old. I haven been paralyzed from waist down since 2003 due to a spinal cord tumor. I have owned my own business for the past 4 years; I have a tanning salon and boutique! I am a go-getter; I let nothing stop me from reaching my goals in life."

How does your ATC vehicle improve everyday life? "Everything is amazing... I just love how it makes me feel independent and on-top of the world. No more minivan!"

What are your favorite features of the conversion? "I love getting asked questions while I am getting out of it. I get into the Walmart parking lot and people just walk by and stare at it, as if it's something they have never seen. I start to open the door and they are like, 'Oh wow! That's amazing.' I absolutely love all the compliments I get from it. Also, everyone tells me, 'I am so happy for you,' 'Good for you,' 'You deserve it.' They say, 'This is just amazing - what they can do for people in your situation,' and it makes me feel good. I love ATC; I wouldn't go to any other company."

What sets ATC apart...
  • Less Waiting - 25 second load time
  • Less Space Required
  • Less Weather Problems
  • Less Minivan!
  • More Ground Clearance
  • No Compromising