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Home Elevator Resources for Builders & Architects


The Builders #1 Choice

AmeriGlide is the only major manufacturer of home elevators in the USA that sells “builder direct”. We provide a turn key solution for your elevator needs.

The lowest cost home elevator in the USA

Buying direct from the manufacturer is the easiest way to save thousands of dollars per unit.

Builder DIY interior cab finishes

We can sell a complete elevator cab that you the builder can finish on site to your specifications that matches your whole house interior finish This option also saves up to a thousand dollars for a single elevator. We can also custom build a cab or let you choose from one of our standard cab finishes.

Fits almost any size elevator shaft

No matter who was specified originally or the dimensions of your existing shaft we have a turn key solution that will fit.

Buy Made in the USA

All of our elevators are made right here in the good old USA. We employ US labor in a US factory, and our component parts like our motor and electrical components are all sourced here as well.

Our Home Elevator Resources for Builders & Architects Options

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