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Choosing a Lift Chair

Choosing a lift chair recliner can be confusing, especially considering the several different recline options available.  Here are some important differences to be aware of:
A 2 position lift chair can be adjusted to any position between upright and a 45-degree recline angle.  The chair seat and footrest operate together using a convenient hand control.  This is a good option for those who will do not plan on spending a lot of time in their chair.  If you only anticipate a temporary need for a lift chair or you will be mostly using it to watch TV or comfortably sit and visit with friends and family, a 2 position lift chair should fit your needs. 
A 3 position lift chair provides recline options that most people associate with a typical recliner.  It can be adjusted to any position between upright and a full recline.  Once again, the seat and footrest work in unison using the hand control.  If you want more recline options and the ability to stretch out in your chair to nap, a 3 position lift chair should provide you with enough options.
An Infinite position lift chair offers unlimited options when it comes to choosing the right recline position.  It can be adjusted so that it lays flat, which is perfect for those who want to sleep in their lift chairs.  You can also operate the seat and footrest independently of one another, allowing for any combination of positions.  This is the perfect choice if you are planning on spending a lot of time in your lift chair or if you need to adjust your position often because of joint pain or fatigue.
Most importantly, each of these options comes with a lift mechanism that will gently guide you from a sitting to a standing position without any extra assistance.  For the senior looking to age in place, this can be an integral tool to maintaining independence and not having to rely on others to get around their own home. 

Our Choosing a Lift Chair Options

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