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Aging in Place: Around The Town


Aging in place does not mean being confined to your home.  Mobility challenges should not leave you feeling isolated and tethered to your house.  With the right tools, you can still enjoy a sense of community and expand your social life despite mobility challenges.  Vertical lifts and wheelchair ramps can make is easy to enter or exit your house and a wheelchair lift will make transporting your chair or scooter around town a breeze.  In addition, electric scooters and wheelchairs are fitted with long-lasting batteries that won’t run out of steam before you do.  And thanks to the American with Disabilities Act, most businesses around town are accessible to the mobility impaired, so you don’t have to worry about being stranded while trying to enjoy parks and museums with your friends and family.


Aging in place is not synonymous with staying in place.  The option of aging gracefully in your home is meant to give you more freedom and independence both inside and outside of the house.  Discover how a variety of mobility devices can increase your safety, mobility and have you out on the town.   


Our Aging in Place: Around The Town Options

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