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Variable Frequency Electronic Drive System
Low noise levels and quality ride.
Great for Coastal Installations/Flood Areas

 Majority of electrical equipment at the top of elevator.

Technologically Advanced

 Laser cut and CNC folded interlocking sling components.

Winding Drum
Less space required since a Machine Room isn't needed.

We believe in providing a residential elevator that exceeds all industry standards in safety, performance and reliability. Our residential elevator package delivers unparalleled reliability, ease of service, and a smooth quiet ride. The Elite is thoroughly engineered using the latest 3D engineering software, tested in a factory test tower before being certified by a well-known independent testing laboratory. We stand behind our products with a commitment to prompt, professional service and a 2-year, hassle-free, warranty policy.

AmeriGlide Elite Elevator Example
  • Travel Speed of 40 fpm (nominal)
  • Standard cab size 3'x4'. Additional sizes available
  • Standard cab interior height 6'8", 7'0" or 8'0"
  • Electromechanical door interlocks
  • Broken cable type "A" instant safeties
  • Optical landing system
  • "Sleep mode" to conserve energy and component life when elevator is not in use.
  • Aluminum platform and rail brackets
  • Load capacity of 950 lbs.
  • Recessed lighting, automatic
  • Stainless steel fixtures
  • Concealed telephone for emergency communications
  • Travel distance up to 48'5"
  • Overhead clearance requirements - 6'8" cab requires 102", 8'0" cab requires 117" (measured from top landing floor level to lowest point in the elevator shaft)
  • Controller supports 4 landings standard, 7 landings optional
  • Automatic 2nd level homing (after 20 minutes, elevator will automatically move from the 1st level to the second level.)
  • All safety features required by ASME A17.1, section 5 (National Elevator Code)
  • ETL listed controller
  • Panel Options
    • Panel 1

      Panel 1

    • Panel 2

      Panel 2

    • Panel 3

      Panel 3

    • Panel 4

      Panel 4

  • Cab Options
    • Cab Standard


    • Cab Flat


    • Cab Shaker


    • Cab Traditional


  • Ceiling and Lighting Options
    Ceiling and Lighting options can be mixed and matched.
    • Four recessed LED lights, 3 inch diameter, stainless steel trim ring

      Four recessed LED lights, 3" diameter, stainless steel trim ring

    • Two recessed LED lights, 3 inch diameter, stainless steel trim ring

      Two recessed LED lights, 3" diameter, stainless steel trim ring

  • Fixtures
    • Power Coated

      Power Coated

    • Stainless Steel

      Stainless Steel

  • Handrails
    • Flat Bar

      Flat Bar

    • Round Bar


  • Gates
    • Gate Clear
    • Gate Options

Elite Brochure

AmeriGlide Elite Elevator Example
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