Wheelchair Vehicle Conversions


AmeriGlide is proud to offer a selection of fully converted pickup trucks that will allow wheelchair bound drivers and passengers to enter and operate their vehicle without assistance.  

Standard Features:

  • Remote start and lift controls
  • 25 seconds complete lift and load time
  • Better gas milage than traditional wheelchair vans (Vans lose 25-30% MPG vs. Trucks 10-15%)
  • Improved safety rating over standard GM trucks
  • 30 day turnaround time for most truck conversions
  • Hydraulic lift system means more power and less maintenance compare to electric lifts

Models Eligible for Conversion (New or Used)

All full size 2008-2014 GM trucks

SUVs:  Escalade, Suburban. Denali

How long will the conversion process take?

Most conversion projects take 30 days.

Can I have the lift installed on either the driver or passenger side?

Yes, depending on your needs and mobility capabilities, you can choose between driver side or passenger side installation.

Can I operate the lift without any assistance?

Yes, our lifts are easy to operate and come with a remote key fob that controls both the lift and your truck's ignition. The entire lift and load process takes just 25 seconds and you can either transfer from your wheelchair into the truck seat or secure your wheelchair in place on the custom sled.

How is the lift powered?

The lift is hooked up to your truck’s battery and features a powerful hydraulic system that requires little maintenance and will last longer than traditional lifts that are typically electric powered.

What is the weight capacity of the lift?

Our lifts are rated for a weight capacity of 750 lbs

Will I be able to operate the lift if my truck's battery dies?

Yes, in the event that your truck stops working, you will be able to manually operate your lift and the hydraulic system, ensuring that you are never stranded in your truck.

What types of trucks can be converted?

All Chevy and GMC full size trucks can be converted. Some SUVs including Suburbans, Escalades, and Denalis can also be equipped with one of our lifts.

How does the lift affect gas mileage?

In order to install a lift, the truck floor on the side of the lift will have to be lowered approximately 6 inches. This will affect your gas mileage by about 10-15%.

Does the lift installation affect the truck’s warranty?

No, your truck will maintain its original warranty.

What type of warranty does the lift come with?

Your lift will come with a 3-year warranty.

What safety features come standard?

The lift tray will not deploy until the truck door is fully open. In addition the door will not operate if the converted side's seat belt is not latched or is the vehicle is running and the brake is engaged.

Will I lose back seat passenger capacity once I install a lift?

If you are choosing to convert a truck with an extended cab and a back seat, there will be limited leg room behind the converted side's seat, but the actual seat will remain open.

Why do only certain makes and models qualify for conversion kits?

It is possible to convert other types of trucks, but their design requires the entire gas tank to be moved and modified in order to be compatible with our lift. This can triple the cost of converting your truck.

What are the advantages of buying a truck versus a traditional wheelchair van?

While a converted truck will get better gas mileage than a van and allow for ample clearance over speed bumps and steep hills, the main advantage is that you get to enjoy all the off-road and towing capabilities of a powerful truck.

Can I get help financing my conversion truck?

When you purchase a new Chevy or GMC truck, you can apply for their mobility rebate program, which will reimburse you for $1,000. You may also qualify for an extra two years of OnStar service.

If you are a veteran, you should contact your local Veteran's Affairs office to learn more about which benefits you are eligible for.


Need a truck?

Shop anywhere for the truck or SUV you want and have it shipped to our facility in Indiana where we will complete the conversion process and have it shipped back directly to your home. We can also find a truck for you.  It really is that simple.

Got a truck?

Already have a truck that you want to have converted? All you have to do is have it shipped to our conversion facility in Indiana where we will install the lift conversion kit and have your newly converted truck sent back to you in about 30 days. Shipping is surprisingly inexpensive, especially when you work with one of our preferred shipping partners.

Once your lift has been installed, you can enjoy all the powerful performance you would expect from a truck. Wheelchairs users are no longer limited to only conversion vans. Our truly unique design will allow for either passenger or driver side installation.

If you opt for driver’s side installation, you will actually be able to operate your truck while in your wheelchair. Call us today to learn more or fill out our short Truck Conversion Form below.

Shipping your truck to our conversion facility is surprisingly easy and affordable. Be sure to contact several companies to compare quotes and read customer reviews to ensure that you are hiring a reputable company. Here are some additional tips to help you ship your truck:

  1. Be clear about the origin and destination. You can choose between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery.
  2. Choose a specific date for pick-up and delivery.
  3. Decide between open shipping or enclosed, which will cost more, but also provide added protection for your truck while it is in transit.
  4. Remove all personal items before shipping and remove any extraneous objects that may increase the weight of your truck.
  5. It is also a good idea to take pictures of your vehicle before it is shipped in case it sustains any damage.
  6. Expect shipping to take 3-8 days.
  7. Payment methods differ among companies, but most will require a down payment of around 15%.
  8. Make sure that you understand your carrier's insurance policy and are clear about your rights if damage should occur, including whether there is a damage deductible.
  1. Buy an already converted truck.
  2. Convert your current GM truck. or
  3. Buy a new one and we'll convert it.
Call us today @ (855) 324-3084 and let us help you get started.

Truck Examples

Truck Conversion Info Request
If you are interested in our Truck Conversions, please let us know and one of our experts will contact you.


  • $42,000.00

    This incredibly affordable used truck has been equipped with a user friendly lift that offers driver side accessibility. It allows wheelchair bound passengers to easily enter their truck. Passengers can enjoy the spacious extended cab.


    • ColorSilver
    • TypeDriver Side, Ext Cab 4x2
    • Mileage72,474
    Product Review
    (0 reviews)
  • $67,000.00

    Put the first miles on this brand new truck that comes accessibility ready! It has been fully converted to allow wheelchair bound drivers to be lifted up and into their truck with the push of a button.


    • ColorBlack/Dark Titanium
    • TypeDriver Side, Crew Cab 4x2
    • Mileage0
    Product Review
    (0 reviews)