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Dumbwaiters are essentially small cargo elevators designed to lift groceries, laundry, firewood, or other items from floor to floor in a multi-level home. Why install a dumbwaiter? The number one reason is safety. If you routinely carry heavy loads from floor to floor of your home or business, then you run a serious risk of injuring yourself or others. Dumbwaiters are convenient, time saving devices that will take the danger and hassle out of transporting heavy loads.  Installing a dumbwaiter can also add value to your home. Learn more about our dumbwaiters - check out the product link below, call a representative, or visit our storefront in Lexington KY today!




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    Enjoy the convenience of your very own home dumbwaiter at a price almost anyone can afford! Port laundry, cleaning supplies, groceries, and more with ultimate ease! Call us or visit our storefront today to learn more about the AmeriGlide Express Dumbwaiter!
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