Sanctuary Petite Easy Soak Walk In Tub


The Easy Soak line of walk in tubs from Sanctuary comes in both Petite and Small sizes. They feature a compact footprint that makes them ideal for small apartments, mobile homes, and other areas where space is at a premium. Both models feature swing-out doors which makes it possible for the tubs to be as small extra. They are built from acrylic over a stainless steel frame and come enclosed on three sides. The Petite Easy Soak features a headrest and a side door.

Door TypeOutward Swinging
Seat Height15"
Step Height10"
Tub MaterialIndustrial Grade Acrylic
Enclosed OnFront & Both Sides
Extension Panel IncludedNo
Faucets IncludedYes
Stainless Steel FrameYes
Grab BarYes
Overflow DrainYes
Adjustable Leveling FeetNo
Water Jet OptionYes
Air Jet OptionYes
Dual Water & Air Jet OptionYes
Size27" W x 38.5" L x 36.25" H - 43 Gallons

Options Available for the Sanctuary Petite Easy Soak Walk In Tub

  • Size
    • 27" W x 38.5" L x 36.25" H - 43 Gallons  $0.00

      No Image
  • Whirlpool and Air Jet Options
    • None  $0.00

      No Image
    • Water Jet System  $429.00

      No Image
    • Air Jet System  $572.00

      No Image
    • Dual Water & Air Jet System  $858.00

      No Image
  • Tub Color
    • White  $0.00

      No Image
  • Grab Bar Finish
    • Color Matched  $0.00

      No Image
  • Jet Finish (If Selected)
    • Stainless Steel  $0.00

      No Image
    • Color Matched  $0.00

      No Image
  • Door Swing
    • Left Hand Door  $0.00

      No Image
    • Right Hand Door  $0.00

      No Image
  • Drain
    • Auto Drain - Drains Tub In Less Than a Minute  $278.99

      No Image
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Staff Member
Save Space without sacrificing features!
Nov 9, 2011 5:16 PM
A Little About Myself
Compact design makes this walk in tub perfect for smaller bathrooms. The swing out doors available on both models allow for a smaller profile. Constructed from stainless steel with acrylic coating.
This walk in tub is designed for smaller spaces. If you have the room, then think about going with the Sanctuary King Size Tub.
Service & Delivery
Nationwide Delivery
Many of our customers simply do not have the space in their condo or mobile home for a traditional walk in tub. With this newest addition to the Sanctuary line, they too can experience the safety and comfort of an AmeriGlide walk in tub.
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