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Evacuation Products


With AmeriGlide’s line of lightweight and portable evacuation products, you can be prepared for a variety of emergency situations.  Make sure that you have the right tools available to help everyone, including those with mobility and disability challenges, safely evacuate your building.  From evacuation chairs that carry wheelchair bound passengers up and down stairs to personal alarm bracelets and other devices, our safety devices are easy to use and require zero prior training.  Browse through our products to learn more and get the tools you need to be prepared for any emergency.

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    Evacuaid Emergency Bracelet




    • Activates once you put it on and deactivates as soon as it is removed
    • Emits a bright LED light that can aid in evacuation
    • Features strobe light and alarm system to help rescuers locate those in need
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    iEvac Smoke / Fire Hood




    • Exceeds American safety standards
    • Universal sizing
    • Twin breathing cartridges
    • Features hepa filter
    • Protects from smoke, fire, chemicals, and a variety of other particulates
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    • Safe and flexible transportationboard
    • Velcro safety straps secure passenger in place
    • Only takes two people to operate
    • Portable and easy to use
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    • Provides a safe evacuation tool when lifts are inoperable
    • Only takes one person to operate
    • Weighs 19 pounds
    • Features a v-belt friction system that allows for a controlled descent 
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    • Features extra handles to help navigate difficult areas
    • Takes two people to operate
    • Covered by a 15 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Easy to unfold and use
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    IBEX Tran-Seat 700H




    • Can travel up and down stairs
    • Supports 90% of passenger weight
    • No heavy lifting for the operator
    • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
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