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Rental Program


If you will only temporarily require the assistance of a stair lift, then you may want to consider participating in our stair lift rental program.  Physical limitations brought on by surgery or other medical treatments that may be resolved by therapy, or once treatment is discontinued, are actually quite common. In situations where you may benefit from the use of a stair lift, but feel hesitant to invest in a permanent lift, renting might be the perfect solution.

Our stair lift rental program is designed to address short-term needs at a reasonable cost in order to grant you safe and reliable access to all areas of your home while recovering from a temporary disability, injury, or surgery.  Call us today to learn more and find out if our stair lift rental program is the right option for you!

Stair lift rentals are currently only available within a 100 mile radius of our warehouses, which are located in Raleigh NC, Mesa AZ, and Lexington KY.  We do require that you meet our credit standards in order to participate in the stair lift rental program. A valid credit card is also required in order for us to process payments.


Our Rental Program Options

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