AmeriGlide Introduces Incline Platform Lift


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Raleigh, NC - April 13, 2009 - AmeriGlide, a premier online supplier of mobility products, proudly introduces the AmeriGlide Incline Platform Lift. The Incline Platform Lift is different from most ordinary wheelchair lifts because it is designed for use over a flight of stairs or in other places where there isn't enough room for a vertical platform lift.

Vertical platform lifts are appropriate in settings where there is a way to enter and exit the platform at the top and bottom levels, such as on an outdoor porch. The AmeriGlide Incline Platform Lift will work over almost any staircase, making it more suitable for most indoor environments. The Incline Platform Lift also folds upward to make room for common use of the stairway.

The AmeriGlide Incline Platform Lift functions similarly to a stair lift, but is built to accommodate the extra weight of the lifting platform and a heavy electric wheelchair. By combining the convenient design of a stair lift with the functionality of a platform lift, AmeriGlide has created a product that will delight their customers. Ameriglide's Vice-President of Sales, Tim Ziehwein, said: "This product represents the best solution we've ever seen for wheelchair users to get around inside a home with more than one story. We are all very excited about this new offering."

For wheelchair users, stair lifts aren't nearly as convenient or as safe as a platform lift. For a wheelchair user to use a stair lift, they would have to transfer out of their seat into the stair lift's seat, use it to travel up the stairs, and leave their wheelchair behind. A stair lift only works in that situation if the user has a wheelchair for each floor of the house. The Incline Platform Lift, on the other hand, requires only that the user move onto the platform and press a button. The Incline Platform Lift also provides all of the necessary safety features, such as grab bars, a non-slick platform, and a pressure-sensitive emergency stop function.

AmeriGlide (ameriglide.com) is an industry leader for mobility aids such as wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and bath lifts. The AmeriGlide brand is well-known for its high-quality, reliable products. The AmeriGlide Incline Platform Lift is now available online. Visitors to AmeriGlide's website may browse from a wide selection of home mobility solutions, and AmeriGlide's staff of expert customer support professionals is standing by to answer questions seven days a week.

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