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Price Drop for Econo Carrier


Raleigh, NC - October 27th, 2009 - AmeriGlide, a leading provider of mobility aids such as stair lifts and wheelchair lifts, has announced a reduction in price on one of their most popular vehicle scooter lifts. The Econo Carrier 500 scooter and wheelchair carrier is now available for a new lower price of $359.

The wheelchair carrier is already popular among AmeriGlide's customers for its durability, dependability, and ease of use. Now, AmeriGlide's customers will find that the Econo Carrier 500, at $359, is also the lowest-priced solution for transporting a mobility scooter or power wheelchair. The Econo Carrier 500 is designed for use with a Class II hitch and has a carrying capacity of 500 lbs. With an installed weight of only 88 lbs., the Econo 500 is easier to install than most every other lift in its class.

AmeriGlide expects the $140 decrease in the Econo Carrier 500's price to position the scooter carrier as the best value in the marketplace. AmeriGlide's VP of Sales, Tim Ziehwein, said: "It's a fantastic product. It's straightforward and easy to use, it's robust and dependable, and you absolutely can't beat the price." The Econo Carrier 500 is now available at the new low price of $359 at AmeriGlide's online store.

AmeriGlide is the top online retailer of wheelchair lifts and stair lifts. Their online store at is designed to be useful for individual and commercial consumers alike.

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