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Installing a Dumbwaiter in Your Modern Home


The Efficiency of Installing a Dumbwaiter in Your Modern Home

How easy would it be to carry items throughout your home with the use of a modern, electric version of the original Monticello manual dumbwaiter? You could easily move firewood from your garage to your living room, transport laundry between the bedroom and the basement, carry groceries from the garage to the kitchen, and more! 
Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home, built in 1769, is renowned for its architectural design. This includes one particular item, the dumbwaiter, a box-type elevator on a pulley. The purpose of Jefferson’s residential dumbwaiter, allowed for bottles of wine to be carried from the wine cellar to the dining quarters, minimizing interruptions from servants and allowing for a free flow of conversation between hosts and guests. Nowadays, the installation of an electric dumbwaiter in your home could be even more of a conversation piece than your temperature-controlled wine cellar.
The modern convenience of dumb waiters is now available in electric versions that will make your home efficient as well as the talk of the town! If you are ready to benefit from owning a handy electric residential dumb waiter, call AmeriGlide. We even have the technical information for planning the installation of an AmeriGlide Express Dumb Waiter in your brand new home design. Unlike most other electric dumbwaiters on the market, an AmeriGlide Express Dumb Waiter is pre-assembled in our factory, which means installation is easy because you don’t have to worry about any complex pulley systems.


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