NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Heritage Home Elevator

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Heritage Home Elevator

At AmeriGlide, we focus on what will benefit you the most when it comes to staying safe in the home you love. We are always seeking out the latest design trends and safety technology in the market. We are proud to announce a brand new elevator for our customers: the Heritage Residential Elevator!

The AmeriGlide Heritage Residential Elevator is a through-the-floor design that doesn’t require a hoistway. It is the first-ever battery powered elevator in the industry which means, you can still access all levels of your home during a power outage! The unit can make multiple trips (10+) in both directions on its batteries before needing to charge.


Perhaps one of the best features of the Heritage Residential Elevator features a space-saving retractable door, reducing the overall footprint required for installation. The Heritage Elevator is beautifully designed, functional, sturdy, reliable and unobtrusive.

Key Features Include:

  • No elevator pit or room required
  • Can be installed against any wall
  • Minimal construction required
  • No special wiring required
  • Can run in both directions if power fails

Carriage Features:

  • Fold-down seat
  • Sliding car door with clear panels
  • 3 different configurations – front entry, side entry and pass-through entry

Safety Features:

  • Emergency stop and alarm
  • Honeywell door interlock
  • Safety pan on bottom of carriage
  • Phone

Learn more about the new Heritage Elevator here.

Contact us today at 1-800-790-1635 to speak with one of our Mobility Specialists about ordering your Heritage Home Elevator.