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Electrical Information


All of the controls on the AmeriGlide AC stair lift are 24 volt and AC wired through a Class 2 transformer eliminating any possibility of electric shock. Each stair lift requires a standard 110 outlet with a 15 amp breaker.  The plug is at the top of the rail and the AC stair lifts come with a 20' cord. 


The DC stair lift is powered by two 12 volt sealed maintenance free batteries. This model plugs in at the top to a standard 110 outlet with a 15 amp breaker. Batteries are continually recharged regardless of its position on the track. DC stair lifts come with a 20' cord plus a charger that has a 5' cord, for a total length of 25'.


Stair lifts give you greater mobility! Simply sit down, and the chair lifts you up or down the stairs of your multi-level home. Installation is easy, too. New and used stair lifts are available.. Contact AmeriGlide today for more information.

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