10 Advantages of Being over 50

1.  You waste less time on people who don’t raise you up or enhance your life. Remember those terrible relationships you invested so much time in and the friendships that were more draining than nurturing?  Not only have people over 50 learned to tell the difference between friend and foe a lot faster, they also have little tolerance for those who lack compassion and don’t contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship.  
2.  You are willing to take risks professionally. More and more people are not just changing jobs, but switching careers and completely reinventing themselves.  Why waste time doing something you don’t love?
3.  It is easier to laugh at yourself. The older you get, the harder it is to be embarrassed about anything.  High self-esteem and self-acceptance mean that it is harder than ever to ruffle your feathers.  Now that you are older, you aren’t afraid to dance like no one is looking, get up and sing karaoke or be as silly as you want to be.
4.  You feel less obligated to do things you don’t ‘want to do. You don’t have a problem saying no and putting yourself first and you know the wisdom behind the saying that you can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself.
5.  You have more fun with fashion. Yes, some days comfort is the first priority and nothing can beat your favorite baggy sweatshirt, but you also care less about what other people think.  You feel free to wear the things you like and recklessly mixing bold prints and bright colors because it is about how you feel in your clothes, not how well matched you are.
6.  Your kids are more independent and don’t rely on you as much. While you will never stop being a parent or worrying about your kids, the fact that they are older means less money tied up in helping them get started in life and more time to explore your likes and hobbies.  This can also mean a new chapter in your relationship with your children.  Now that you are both adults, you can relate to each other on a different level that may feel more like friendship.
7.  You have more disposable income. For a lot of people, with age comes more financial security.  You have already made a lot of the big purchases you will make in your lifetime.  In fact, you probably have most of the necessities covered.  This means that you can start splurging on toys and spend money on the things you want instead of just the ones you need.
8.  You are closing in on retirement. That magical time when you no longer have to work, is right around the corner.  Imagine being able to set your own schedule and not having to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock every day!
9.  Despite fears of Alzheimer’s and dementia, your brain is actually working better than ever. The more you continue to learn, the more your brain will grow and reshape neurons.  Studies have also shown that older adults are better able to activate both sides of their brains, which means that you have more of a “big picture” perspective on life and can reason through problems and challenges more easily.
10.  You’ve taken control of your health.  Yes, there are downsides to aging and most of them have to do the new aches and pains.  The good news is that you know your body better than ever and you aren’t afraid to be proactive about your health.  Regular check-ups are a part of your routine and you enter the doctor’s office prepared with a list of questions because you know exactly how important your health is and you no longer take it for granted.

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