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Recent Vertical Platform Installations


David O. from Tennessee writes us...

Project is finished, and been in use for a couple months. Worked out great. I have attached a few pictures of before, during, and after. I highly recommend the lift, and it has been a real blessing to our friends, the Bargers.


Bargerlift (2)Bargerlift (2.5)Bargerlift (3)Bargerlift (4)Bargerlift (5)Bargerlift (5.5)Bargerlift (6)Bargerlift (7)Bargerlift (8)


Recent Platinum Curved Stair Lift Installations

Mr. Simon in Roscommon, Michigan had a heavy duty Platinum curved stair lift installed on his spiral stair case.

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The Jacobs in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island needed a Platinum curved stair lift to accommodate their beautiful stairs.


We installed a Platinum curved stair lift in the Forbes' home in Richmond, Virginia.


The Ammenworth's circular stairs are perfect to show off the Platinum lift's ability to go around corners.


We recently installed a Platinum lift for Ken in Harbor Springs, Michigan.


Jack Detwiler from Manheim, PA writes us...

I know it's been a long time but I just wanted to let you know that the Stair Lifts are working out really great. The installation was a fun project and not a problem, because of the near proximity of the two lifts I did need to change the frequency of the one unit ( also not a problem ).

The stair lifts have been in use every day since the installation 2/20/13 and have performed flawlessly.




Mr. Louis' house in Livermore, CA.


Casper, WY



Fishers, IN

Platinum 001Platinum 002Platinum 003Platinum 004Platinum 005

Reed, NY


Older Platinum Curved Stair Lift Installations

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