AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift - 2013


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The AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift uses the always reliable rack and pinion drive system, that offers a safe, smooth ride for every trip up or down your home's stairs. With the AmeriGlide Ultra, you will enjoy the "Soft Start" and "Soft Stop" technology that ensures a smooth ride from start to finish. The DC battery allows you to make a trip up or down the stairs, even during a power outage. The innovative design of this amazing looking stair lift will fit into your home just as any other piece of furniture would.


    The 2013 AmeriGlide Ultra includes...
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Folding footrest
  • High quality upholstered seat and armrest
  • Aesthetic track and finished floor mounts


Give our stair lift experts a call today to learn how easy it is to make your home safer and more accessible for you and the rest of your household.

Top 10 Reasons to choose AmeriGlide
Please check your local inspection regulations for stair lifts prior to installation.

Options Available for the AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift - 2013

  • Seat Style
    • Light Almond Premium Upholstered Seat  $0.00
  • Seat Size
    • 18" W  $0.00
  • Track Length
    • Up to 16' of track  $0.00
    • Extra Track, Per Foot, Up To 24' Extra  $53.85
  • Call Stations
    • 2 Wireless Remote Controls  $0.00
  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)
    • The stair lift will be on the left  $0.00
    • The stair lift will be on the right  $0.00
  • Installation
    • Self Installation  $0.00
    • Nationwide Installation  $575.00
    • Nationwide Installation and Measurement Service  $725.00
  • Installation Permit
    • Permit and Inspection (Required in Alabama)  $285.00
    • Permit (Required in Kentucky)  $85.00
  • Installation Special Cases
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs  $300.00
    • Installation in Remote or Limited Access Location  $285.00
  • Measurements
    • Please enter measurements in feet or inches. Customers using the Measurement Service can skip this step.  $0.00
    • 1. Overall Length  $0.00
    • 2. Top stair to bottom stair  $0.00
    • 3. Staircase width  $0.00
    • 4. Bottom clearance  $0.00
    • 5. Rise of one step  $0.00
    • 6. Tread of one step  $0.00
    • 7. Diagonal  $0.00
    • 8. Door at the top  $0.00
    • Need help measuring? Print out the "How to Measure" worksheet.  $0.00
  • RUSH Order Processing
    • RUSH - Please Call For Details  $50.00
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