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  • Wireless Call/Send Remote
  • Top Landing
  • Folded Profile View
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The Horizon Stair Lift represents the pinnacle of intelligent design that focuses on the user and their needs. We used the latest in stair lift technology to create an affordable product that embodies the all best features available.



This compact model comes with a digital diagnostic display and an ergonomic joystick control that are both built right into the armrests. Additional safety features include a retractable seat belt, a lever operated swivel seat for easy dismounts, and a key switch that will prevent others from using your chair. To provide the most gentle and comfortable ride available, the ERGO seat is designed to securely position your legs. This new model can be quickly and easily installed in your home and comes with a foldable footrest and armrest so that it takes up as little space as possible when not in use.


If you have additional questions, or want to find out if the AmeriGlide Horizon is the right stair lift solution for your home, call our stair lift professionals today! Our professionals can help you find the most appropriate stair lift for your needs and process your order today, so that you can start living better tomorrow!

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Please check your local inspection regulations for stair lifts prior to installation.

Options Available for the AmeriGlide Horizon Stair Lift

  • Seat Color
    • Beige  $0.00
    • Red  $0.00
    • Blue  $0.00
  • Seat Style
    • Ergo  $0.00
    • Ergo Plus  $0.00
  • Control Location
    • We can put the controls on either arm to suit you.  $0.00
    • Left Side  $0.00
    • Right Side  $0.00
  • Optional Seat Features
    • Wireless Radio Call/Send Remote (2)  $0.00
    • Retractable Reel Seat Belt  $0.00
    • Powered Swivel  $0.00
    • Digital Diagnostic Display  $0.00
  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)
    • The stair lift will be on the left  $0.00
    • The stair lift will be on the right  $0.00
  • Additional Track
    • Custom Rail Extention - A rail joint kit is required for every extra 8 ft. of rail.  $0.00
    • Extra Rail Per Foot  $54.00
    • Rail Joint Kit  $42.00
    • Rail Leg  $29.00
  • Additional Rail Features
    • Power Hinged Rail  $999.00
  • Installation
    • Free Installation  $0.00
    • Measurement Service  $150.00
  • Installation Special Cases
    • Installation In Remote or Limited Access Location  $285.00
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs  $300.00
  • Measurements
    • Please enter measurements in feet or inches. Customers using the Measurement Service can skip this step.  $0.00
    • 1. Overall length  $0.00
    • 2. Top stair to bottom stair  $0.00
    • 3. Staircase width  $0.00
    • 4. Bottom clearance  $0.00
    • 5. Rise of one step  $0.00
    • 6. Tread of one step  $0.00
    • 7. Diagonal  $0.00
    • 8. Door at the top  $0.00
    • Need help measuring? Print out the "How to Measure" worksheet.  $0.00
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