Used Battery Powered Stair Lift


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Top 10 Reasons to choose AmeriGlide

A used stair lift means a new life! Used stair lifts are offered at a considerable discount over new and reconditioned stairlifts. It’s an affordable way to get mobility assistance without having to ask.
Before used AmeriGlide stairlifts are sold, they go through a thorough parts inspection, cleaning and lubrication. The batteries are also tested and replaced, if necessary, to ensure at least 50% of their expected life span.

Track lengths up to 19.5' are available. Please call for more information on new or used AmeriGlide Battery Powered Stair Lifts.

All pre-owned AmeriGlide stair lifts are covered by a 90 days parts-only warranty.
Please check your local inspection regulations for stair lifts prior to installation.

Options Available for the Used Battery Powered Stair Lift

  • Subject To Availability
    • Used stair lift inventory fluctuates daily.
      Please call for current availability.
  • Track Length
    • Up to 12' of track  $0.00
    • Extra Track (Per Foot) - Up To 19.5'  $58.00
  • Seat Size
    • 20.5" W x 16.5" D  $0.00
  • Options - Please Call For Availability
    • Seat Belt  $0.00
    • Grocery Basket, 10" x 18" x 12" deep  $178.99
    • Heavy Material Rack, 18" x 36"  $357.99
  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)
    • The stair lift will be on the left  $0.00
    • The stair lift will be on the right  $0.00
  • Installation
    • Self Installation  $0.00
    • Nationwide Installation  $575.00
    • Nationwide Installation and Measurement Service  $725.00
  • Installation Special Cases
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs  $300.00
    • Installation In Remote or Limited Access Location  $285.00
  • Measurements
    • Please enter measurements in feet or inches. Customers using the Measurement Service can skip this step.  $0.00
    • 1. Overall length  $0.00
    • 2. Top stair to bottom stair  $0.00
    • 3. Staircase width  $0.00
    • 4. Bottom clearance  $0.00
    • 5. Rise of one step  $0.00
    • 6. Tread of one step  $0.00
    • 7. Diagonal  $0.00
    • 8. Door at the top  $0.00
    • Need help measuring? Print out the "How to Measure" worksheet.  $0.00
  • Warranty
    • 90 Days - Parts Only  $0.00
Customer Reviews
2 reviews 
Certified Customer
WOW ! It works silently.
Jun 9, 2010 12:27 AM
A Little About Myself
Medical Professional, Elderly
Safe, Sturdy
Easy to gain access and dismount. My wife is post-op total knee.Her walker fits stairlift great.
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Certified Customer
Excellent product
May 7, 2010 11:46 AM
A Little About Myself
Average Health
Safe, Easy to install, Sturdy
Heavy, Directions hard to follow
Service & Delivery
Missing parts. Had to buy/modify parts to finish assembly. Also there were broken wires thatI had to splice and repair.

I installed the chair lift for my elderly parents. They are very pleased with the product.

34 of 35 people found this review helpful
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